Welcome to the Referral Program

Every commission referral you generate earns you 20% off your next custom painting!

1. Sign up using the form below.

Sign up with your name and email. Any accruing referrals will be automatically credited to the email you sign up with. You’ll get an email confirmation every time your referrals earned you a discount!

2. Spread the Word!

Tell your friends and families about my art. Any time one of them completes an order for a painting you’ll be credited a 20% discount to use towards future custom orders.

3. Redeem your rewards.

You can use your earned discounts as you reccieve them or let multiple accrue before using them. Redeem 5 at one time for a free custom painting! 

Start Sharing. Start Earning!

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How do I earn referral discounts?

Tell your friends and families about my art. Any time one of them completes an order for a painting and places your name in the referral field during checkout, you’ll be credited a 20% discount towards future orders.

How often can I use my discount?

Each discount can only be used once. However, you can let multiple referrals accrue before using them. Every time you earn a new referral I will email you with your running total of accumulated discounts.

How do I get a free painting?

5 completed referrals can be redeemed for a free custom painting of any size or value that I offer.

How many discounts do I have?

You’ll be emailed every time you earn a new discount along with your running total. 

If at any point you’d like to know your total redeemable discounts, you can send me an email at KarlaNorquist@Gmail.com

How do I redeem my discount?

Currently your accrued discounts are automatically associated with your name and email you signed up with. So the next time you place a custom order, you can choose to apply your discounts or to save them. 

Discounts cannot be used towards original artworks or prints. They can only be redeemed towards custom pieces. 

Important Note: At Current, your order estimate in the online order form will not reflect any discounts. Your discounted total will be in the invoice after the online form is submitted.

Do referral discounts expire?

No. This is a lifetime policy. You can start collecting referrals and choose to redeem them at any time.

Who's eligible to participate?

Anybody! You don’t have to be a prior customer to start collecting referral discounts. Get started by signing up today!

Important Note: Participants residing outside the continental US do not qualify for free shipping. Read more about the shipping policy in the FAQ on the commissions page.

Terms and Conditions


When you sign up you will be registered to receive referral program related emails along with the Norquist Studio Newsletter. You can opt out from these emails at any point by clicking “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of the email and following the prompts.


Users agree to use the referral program as described above in the FAQ. Suspicious Behavior, impersonating, misrepresenting identity, submitting self referrals or other fraudulent behavior will result in immediate termination from the program and a ban from participating in this program in the future. The Norquist Studio reserves the right to disqualify any participant it finds to be violating these terms and conditions.

Claiming Rewards:

Discounts cannot be transferred, traded, auctioned, sold, or combined between participants. Rewards will only be granted if the referral was inputted during checkout and the purchase was completed. The rewards cannot be redeemed for cash value. They can only be redeemed towards commissioned paintings from the sizes and painting types that I currently offer. Discounts cannot be used towards original pieces of work or prints. Participants residing outside the US will still have to conform to the shipping policy even if they redeem enough discounts for a free painting. 


By participating in the referral program you’re agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. The Norquist Studio LLC reserves the right to make changes or additions to these terms and conditions for any reason at any time. 

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